Social Proof

We increase conversion rates and revenue for some of the world’s largest brands, retailers and travel companies. They trust us to improve the digital experience for their customers to give them the confidence to buy online.

Professional Service

The Professional Services team can deliver a fully managed integration of Taggstar Social Proof for retailers that do not have the time or resources to manage the creation, testing and deployment, and maintenance of JavaScript and HTML code.

Full Funnel Messaging

Using social proof across the full funnel allows retailers to optimise their micro conversions by presenting contextual messaging throughout the digital shopping journey.
List Page - Navigate busy list pages by highlighting bestsellers and trending products to improve discoverability.

Product Page - Nudge your customers to add to basket by aggregating reviews and show popularity.

Basket Page - Reduce basket abandonment and increase conversion at this critical stage by using real-time scarcity.

Machine Learning

Taggstar’s Machine Learning engine collects micro conversions and transactions as a form of shopper feedback on how useful they found the social proof messages.

The engine will learn which messages result in the highest micro conversions and adapt to prioritise these messages types and boost the conversion rate uplift in real-time.
The initial tests of our Machine Learning engine vs Taggstar has been statistically proven to boost conversions rates by a further 1-3%.

The only absolute real-time, enterprise grade platform

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Customisable and Responsive Messaging

Customers can take complete control over the design and animations of our social proof messaging to reflect their brand style and tone of voice.
Automated device testing used during QA ensures the UX/UI works on all major web browsers on desktop and mobile web.

A/B Testing

We can offer A/B testing via our in-built testing tool (with an easy to use dashboard), an integration with your internal analytics provider, or, you can opt to independently test via your existing 3rd party testing tool.
We rigorously A/B test any changes until statistical significance is hit - so all our results are directly attributable to our solution.