Find out how much revenue Taggstar can deliver for you

Our experts can provide a free ROI estimate for using social proof, including:

How much increased revenue Taggstar could deliver for your business

How social proof improves the customer experience and increases conversion rates

How Taggstar can be tailored for your brand and digital customer journeys

The timeframes, technical requirements and benefits of social proof

We offer qualified* companies a free estimate of how Taggstar could increse revenue.

*Offer available to eCommerce organisations with (need criteria).

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How it works

A Taggstar social proof expert will work with you to:

Understand your business goals and KPI's
Establish which steps in the customer journey would benefit most from social proof
Examine your eCommerce and related technical platform
Create a roadmap with timescales of implementing Taggstar onto your site
Generate an overall revenue estimate

Encourage your customers to shop with confidence

Taggstar's advanced algorithms display precise, customised, and relevant social proof messages at every stage of the customer journey

Improve conversion by up to 12% with personalised, 
real-time messaging

Reduce basket abandonment using reviews and recommendations

Upsell and promote ancillary items with the wisdom of the crowd

Promote demand and popularity with dynamic audience numbers

Deliver results quickly with social proof software
purpose-built for enterprise retailers

Taggstar acts like an online virtual assistant, helping to make purchasing decisions easier for our millions of customers, and supports the growth of our online sales.

James Kinnear

eCommerce Retail Director, Aldi UK
What we found with Taggstar was that we were impressed with the technology, but also the level of service and support, so it was a straightforward decision for us.

Sam Barton

Head of User Experience
I've been very impressed with conversion and revenue uplift we've seen in such a short amount of time, using Taggstar.

Ralph Percival

eCommerce director within joules

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