Boost sales by giving your customers the confidence to buy beauty products online

We increase conversion rates and revenue for leading beauty retailers by responsibly using real-time social proof messaging to deliver a more engaging and informative digital experience for their customers.

Re-create the beauty counter experience online and give your customers the confidence to buy and try new products


Online Uplift

Historically 85% of beauty purchases were made in-store. Today an engaging digital experience helps customers to be confident shopping online.


Discovery Phase – Time Spent

Beauty shoppers’ time spent in the discovery phase of the buying journey vs. 69% for fashion and 65% for technology shoppers.


Customer Reviews

Shoppers - especially younger people consider customer reviews very important when making beauty purchases.

Deliver an excellent digital customer experience

With the surge in online beauty sales and many new customers purchasing for the first time, it is essential that all your customers have an enjoyable, engaging and informative digital experience. Our real-time social proof messages help your customers navigate your online channels and find the products that they are looking for. Beauty shoppers especially like to know what other people are purchasing. That knowledge reassures and helps them make confident buying decisions.

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Authority messaging

#1 Bestseller in lipsticks today

Trending messaging

Popular! 98 Sold in the last 48 hrs

80% of time spent in the discovery phase

Beauty shoppers spend more of their time in the discovery phase of the shopping journey compared with 69% for fashion and 65% for technology shoppers.

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Engage and convert during the
all-important discovery phase

Beauty shoppers spend more time in the discovery phase of the buying journey than shoppers in any other retail category. When they can’t physically try the products the opinions of others become even more important. Help your customers find and discover the right product(s) with aggregated review data which gives them the confidence to make informed buying decisions. Show them what is popular and trending for added reassurance.

Review message

Proven to last! 95% of people say it does not chip for 5 days

Trending messaging

Going fast! Last purchased 20 seconds ago

Popularity messaging

All eyes on this! 56 people are looking at this right now

Customer reviews are super-important for beauty shoppers especially younger consumers.

87% think customer reviews are important

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Give customers the confidence to try and buy with aggregated review messaging

Beauty customers highly value customer reviews and it's even more important when there is no beauty advisor or chance to try before buying. By aggregating customer reviews, real-time social proof messaging can give shoppers the confidence to try and buy new products. Positive reviews can also encourage then to trade up in size, or make them aware of other products that are typically bought together.

Review messaging

Top marks! 99% of people rate this 5 stars for blendability

Personalisation messaging

Purchased 42 times since your last visit 2 hrs ago

Upsell and Cross-sell messaging

Need some help? 83% of customers also bought brushes with this.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say.

Our tests are conclusive; customers who see Taggstar’s messages are more likely to checkout and spend more. Taggstar has been the single-biggest driver of incremental revenues.
Jonathan Wall
Group eCommerce Director
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It’s very easy to change the Taggstar experience for our different brands. A simple JavaScript allows us to adapt the look and feel of Taggstar messages to suit our different customer segments.
Paul Hackett
UX Testing & Optimisation Manager
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It was the easiest and smoothest software we've ever integrated.
John Allen
Chief Technology Officer
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Our customers are looking for more guidance & product information when choosing from our online wine and Specialbuys ranges. Taggstar acts like an online virtual assistant.
James Kinnear
eCommerce Retail Director
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We’re delighted with the results we’ve seen so far and look forward to trialling social proofing in other areas of our customer journey in the near future.
Paul Hornby
Chief Digital Officer
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Building on our recent OOH campaigns, we continue to push the boundaries by being the first advertiser to team up with Taggstar to include real-time dynamic product messaging on digital screens.
Sylvia Woon
Chief Marketing Officer
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We were interested in what motivates us to buy as shoppers, and specifically the FOMO factor. We saw how effective the Taggstar social proof messages were, and started using them across our entire product catalogue.
Finn Christo
Group Conversion Rate Optimisation Manager
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Taggstar has added millions in revenue uplift.
Mark Leach
Head of eCommerce
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Improving our online customer journey continues to be a key strategic focus area. We are always on the lookout for tech partners who can help our customers make informed purchase decisions, Taggstar has certainly done that.
Paul Hornby
Chief Digital Officer
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The customer is at the heart of our business, and real-time social proof messages help us to build stronger relationships by building trust and confidence in online shopping.
Jonathan Wall
Group eCommerce Director
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Taggstar helped us to define the best message combinations, and that’s pushed our results to add another 12 percent to SimplyBe new visitor conversion rates.
Paul Hackett
UX Testing & Optimisation Manager
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Adding Taggstar social proof messaging to our category pages drove over £300k in incremental contribution.
Alex McClean
Conversion & Optimisation Specialist
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This has driven a strong uplift in conversion rates and sales for our brand and we are confident of further great results as we continue to experiment and optimise the technology for our customers.
Sally Minto
Digital Director
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The fact that we can leave the management of the solution to the Taggstar CSM team means that we are able to focus on delivering great products at great prices to our customers.
Steve Griffiths
Head of Digital Development
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