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5 Urgent Reasons To Implement Social Proof Now For Peak Season

Retail has changed. Ecommerce advanced by up to 10yrs in less than three months during the pandemic as consumers and retailers alike moved on line. There has never been a better reason to implement social proof now ahead of peak trading to give your customers a more personalised and engaging digital experience with the confidence to buy online - and to start benefiting immediately from increased online conversation rate uplifts and revenue.

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How To Win Golden Quarter 2019

Social proof messaging is this year's must-have technology to engage shoppers, and to hit your conversion and revenue goals over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and the January sales. Customers will follow the crowd.

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How To Win In Golden Quarter 2020

There’s no denying that Golden Quarter will be different this year, so use social proof to give your customers an engaging digital experience and the confidence to shop online. It will also help you increase your conversion rates & revenues. Quick to deploy, can be just days with minimal impact on internal resources.

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