6.98% conversion rate uplift
supports eCommerce growth

“We are always on the lookout for technology partners who can help our customers make informed purchase decisions, and Taggstar has certainly done that.”

Paul Hornby

Director of eCommerce

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Customer Background

Leading omni-channel fashion and homeware retailer Matalan's results are the fruit of a strategy to add more choice to its core product offer while improving the shopping experience with refurbished stores and an enhanced online journey.

Matalan has a fast-growing online channel, supported by the launch of a new eCommerce platform in 2017. Keen to use the best website optimisation tools, Matalan has seen a 6.98% conversion rate uplift using Taggstar social proof messaging.

The challenge

Matalan’s eCommerce team were keen to improve the conversion rate at each stage of its customer journey and identified social proof as a key techniques to achieve this.

The Solution

The Matalan eCommerce team introduced audience, add to basket and purchase volumes, plus trending messages to its Product Detail Pages. It then added urgency messaging including ‘Going Fast,’ to its Product List Pages, in order to engage and convert customers by helping them understand what other customers were browsing and purchasing.

Drawing on years of experience working with some of the largest online retailers, Taggstar’s Customer Success (CSM) team supplied message examples that followed Matalan brand guidelines. The image style, size, opacity and page positioning followed social proof best practice.

“We A/B tested everything and let the science tell us, and overwhelmingly the results have been positive.”

Director of eCommerce

Paul Hornby

The Solution

Integration and Experimentation
Taggstar was quickly integrated with Matalan’s UK site’s Google Tag Manager dataLayer, and the first experiments began in late- 2017. Initial tests were successful on its Product Detail Pages (PDP), then extended to Product List Pages (PLP) to see whether there was an extra benefit.

Using Maxymiser as its testing tool, Matalan can track Taggstar message performance. It reviews results and optimises the messages by testing different combinations, page positions and content, as part of its quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with Taggstar’s CSM team.

The team didn't stop there. By taking an iterative approach to innovation, Matalan further optimised the messages on its product details pages over Xmas 2019 with updates to the style and animation and by adding emoji icons.

The Result

Matalan saw amazing conversion uplift results from its very first social proof experiment in 2017. The month-long 50:50 A/B test scored a massive 5.5% conversion uplift.

This grew to 6.98% when Matalan added ‘Trending’ and ‘Going Fast’ messages to its Product List Pages, to highlight popular products to customers at the start of their buying journey.

Its latest experiment, adding emojis for Xmas 2019, produced a further incremental conversion rate rise of 1.44% across all consumer devices (1.87% on mobile alone).

Karl Rowlands, UX Experimentation Manager, Matalan said of its most recent Taggstar experiment over Xmas 2019: “We think this is an excellent result and a great example of how if you continue to iterate on successes you can continue to squeeze out the extra juice!” “We think this is an excellent result and a great example of how if you continue to iterate on successes you can continue to squeeze out the extra juice!”

“We’re delighted with the results we’ve seen so far and look forward to trialling social proofing in other areas of our customer journey in the near future.”

Director of eCommerce

Paul Hornby