Taggstar’s Social Proof Performance Over Black Friday 2019

Peter Buckley

10 Dec 2019

How did our social proof messaging software – and most importantly the retailers using our platform – perform over the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend? You’re about to find out…

We’re proud to announce that for our sixth Black Friday weekend we achieved 100% platform uptime along with processing a peak of 3,000 API requests every second on Thursday 28th at 9pm. 

Taggstar messaging was live on 97 international eCommerce websites. Consumer demand generated a new monthly record, with over two billion API requests served by our platform overall in November. 

Here are our key performance results for sites using Taggstar over the Black Friday weekend:

– Overall, £134.75m was spent on websites using Taggstar. 

– Order volumes up 392% vs the Friday before. 

– Sales up 253% vs the Friday before.

– Sales revenue up 20% year-on-year. 

– Average order value (AOV) up 11% to £110 vs £97 year-on-year.

Social proof insights:

– 369 million social proof messages shown on Black Friday throughout the shopping funnel – inclusive of home pages, category pages, product pages, and basket pages. 

– Our ‘Trending’ message type was the most popular and was served 265 million times. It enables consumers to identify fast selling products that may go out of stock.  

– We identified 9,341 unique trending products across 97 websites on Black Friday. 

– Peak traffic was on Thursday 28th from 8-9pm. 

– Our platform processed over two billion API requests in November with 264 million requests over the Black Friday weekend. 


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