How to make your social proof messaging more relevant than ever

How to make your social proof messaging more relevant than ever


Alison Wiltshire

09 Jan 2023

If you’ve seen the Taggstar homepage or those of many of our clients in recent months, you’ll notice we’ve been having a little extra fun with our social proof messaging by theming around key seasonal events ranging from Halloween, Christmas to the New Year.

By theming the icons and copy associated with social proof messages, we can help retailers stand out, providing extra relevance and timeliness to their messaging that further boosts conversion.

It’s a fun, engaging and timely element that our customers – and their shoppers — love. Since we first introduced the seasonal twist for Christmas 2021, our portfolio of retailers and brands using seasonal messaging has increased tenfold in just one year. They’ve witnessed such fantastic results that customers are now coming to us requesting the addition before we’ve had a chance to approach them. We’re thrilled with its success.

We always push our clients to adopt a continuous optimisation mindset, and as part of our best practice advice, we encourage customers to refresh their designs every three to six months. It helps to promote newness and avoids message blindness from customers.

But retailers can have other priorities, and so sometimes that timeline slips. The danger, then, is stale messages and results that aren’t as good as they could be.

By introducing seasonal themes, we’ve refocused retailers on the importance and benefits of that continual refresh mindset, giving them a more targeted calendar to work to and results worthy of celebration.

Retailers have seen brilliant results fast

One of our first customers to adopt seasonal themes on its social proof messaging was fashion retailer New Look. It initially added Christmas present icons and stars to its messages in 2021. The response – from customers and the business alike – was so positive that the company committed to a full seasonal calendar that December. During Easter 2022, in only a week, the addition of seasonal messaging resulted in a 1.27% increase in conversion rate, equal to 425 incremental orders and a £10,000 uplift in sales.

 “Our customers have loved the cute icons and animations, and it’s been reflected in the fantastic results we’ve achieved,” says Rachel Troke, senior product manager at New Look. Indeed the results were so impressive that New Look ran a total of six seasonal campaigns in 2022. There will be more to come in 2023.

But it’s not just traditional seasonal events that retailers can design seasonal messaging around. Electricals retailer AO has run back-to-school-themed social proof messages as well as FIFA 2022 World Cup-related designs.

How seasonal themes work

Seasonal social proof messaging works because it engages the customer more ‘in the moment’ and injects more personality into the message. So, the customer excitedly shopping for a new outfit for their Valentine’s Day date gets caught up in the romance with hearts and flowers messaging, or the customer shopping for Easter might see cute bunnies.

But seasonal theming can be more subtle too – a change of background colour for Black Friday, for example, or reducing the time windows of messaging for more time-pressured events, such as Christmas or sales.

Aligning seasonal messaging with brand identity

However, what works for one retailer might not suit the brand ethos of another, so understanding how seasonal themes can fit your brand strategy and tone of voice is essential. It’s something we work hard on through joint brainstorming with clients. This aligning of strategy is the most time-intensive but vital part of the project since any seasonal twists must still be in line with brand identity to risk confusing and potentially losing the customer.

Once we’ve agreed on the tone and scope of the seasonal theming, then the building of the messages and the implementation project is fast – with go-live usually achievable within two weeks.

“Of course, although we are excited about the opportunities of seasonal messaging, we still encourage retailers to adopt a wider programme of optimisation to keep their messaging fresh, vibrant and performing well that isn’t just focused on key events during the year. It’s just that seasonal messaging has proved how successful such a refresh strategy can be”, says Abir Cherif, Head of Customer Success.

How can you make more of the seasonal opportunity for your brand and push your optimisation strategy to the max? We’d love to have a brainstorm about the opportunities for your business, whether you are a new or existing client. Get in touch now.

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