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Crew Clothing goes live with social proof to inspire customers to buy

Crew Clothing has gone live with social proof messaging from Taggstar as it seeks to improve customer experience and boost conversion online by inspiring customers to buy.

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Why this year’s Father’s Day is a chance to truly spoil dads

As restrictions ease it’s likely that Father’s Day gifting could be higher than ever as families celebrate the end of social contact restrictions.

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A breath of fresh air - How Brits are intending to make the most of outdoor space this summer

Whatever the weather, our gardens and outdoor spaces are going to matter more than ever this summer. We’re going to want to replicate the comfort and cosiness of indoor to gardens, patios and balconies.

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Keeping it real - Gen Z and Millennials the social commerce boom

When it comes to social commerce, it’s no surprise to find that younger people are leading the way. Gen Z shoppers already account for four in ten of global consumers; their behaviour will shape the future of retailing.

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Make your mother’s day - How to make the best choice for mum

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gifting occasions of the year. In 2019 UK consumers spent £1bn on gifts for Mother’s Day, with each spending an average of £72.

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From inspiration to gratification - Why we love social commerce

I personally love social commerce. To buy something I like on social media without the hassle of leaving that site and clicking off to the retailer’s website and having to search again for the product I wanted to buy, really does transform the online shopping experience.

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Love hurts: the agony of gift buying - Helping consumers choose with confidence

Who has not trembled at the thought of having to choose just the right gift for a significant other? No pressure at all. FOGAT (Fear of Gifting a Turkey) is ever present.

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A treat a day keeps winter at bay - why we love beauty calendars at Christmas

Beauty calendars have grown to be one of the most eagerly anticipated and fast selling items for the Christmas season. For those who’ve been deprived of regular visits to the beauty counter, it’s a brilliant way to satisfy our appetite.

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Where The Rubber Hits The Road: The Online Beauty Counter And The Art Of Persuasion

Many brands and retailers have reacted with extraordinary agility, deploying technology and digital innovation at speed to recreate the beauty counter experience online.

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Changing faces - The pulling power of new beauty brands for digital natives

The new wave of 21st century beauty brands are skilled at connecting with Gen Z's rising generation of beauty consumers. Brands with purpose are meeting consumer need for products that promote inclusivity and diversity with innovation.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers say.

"Our tests are conclusive: customers who see Taggstar’s messages are more likely to checkout and spend more. Taggstar has been the single biggest driver of incremental revenues".

Jonathan Wall

eCommerce Director

“Considering all of the tests we’ve run with Taggstar have been a big success, it means that we’ll always try and take that dynamic and apply it elsewhere”.

Paul Hornby

eCommerce Director

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2.7% increase in conversion rate

Achieved with the addition of social proof messaging.

£14m in incremental revenue

Adding social proof messaging was the single biggest driver of incremental revenues.

400 messages per second

Number of messages shown to customers during Black Friday 2016.

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6.98% uplift in conversion

Taggstar delivered a futher 6.98% uplift when social proof messaging was added to Product List Page

80 million messages sent

Taggstar sent over 80 million messages for Matalan over the course of the testing period

14 message types used

All fully customised to reflect Matalan's tone of voice and brand style

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