2018 eCommerce Events, Conferences & Awards Calendar

Nirali Patel

23 Nov 2017

In a digital environment we can often forget the importance, and power, of face-to-face interaction.

Let’s face it, some of our most fruitful networking opportunities and new found partnerships aren’t formed over Webex calls or Google Hangout meetings – they happen in person.

So ditch the digital, have a look at our 2018 eCommerce calendar and get yourself to some great events and conferences where you can make meaningful connections and grow your business.

Now you’re thinking “but how do I know which events to attend?” Don’t don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve already picked out some of the biggest eCommerce events of 2018 and even given you some handy tips on how to narrow down the list to suit your business.

4 Quick tips for choosing which events and conferences to attend:

1) Figure out your goal – Ask yourself what is it that you are trying to achieve? Do you want to raise awareness for your brand or business? Are you trying to gain potential new business? Or is there simply a particular speaker or theme that you are interested in?

2) Do your research – Reflect on any past events that you have attended and evaluate what went well. What particularly stood out to you? What didn’t you like? Was it worth your time and money? And did it add any value to your business? 

3) Who else is going? – You want to make sure you are surrounded with like minded people, those who are doing great things in the eCommerce world and those who can help you grow your business. Luckily, a lot of websites will show you their list of attendees, so take your time to go through this and even do a little research. Finding out job titles, remits of responsibility and even some business related news can help you start a face-to-face conversation with those who are of interest to you.

4) Work out your budget – While there are various events and conferences that you can attend for free, it is likely that you’ll have your eye on a least 1 or 2 that are somewhat pricey. So it’s important to calculate total costs when weighing up your decision to attend. Don’t forget those extra expenses on top of the ticket price such as, meals, hotels and transportation (which can include flights). Ultimately, remember that just because the event has a high price tag attached to it doesn’t make it superior – the best things in life are free!

eCommerce events, conferences and awards 2018 calendar:










There’s some great events to look forward to! We will definitely be attending a few of these – so we hope to see some of you soon.

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